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Trusted for availing of leak testing solutions including Multiple Leak Test System, Choke Leak Test System, Rotary Leak Test System, ACS 60 Q Leak Tester Machine, ACS 30 Leak Tester Machine, and many others.
We, Aapsee Controls & Systems Pvt. Ltd., introduce ourselves as leak testing application specialists. We provide our rich expertise through various comprehensive solutions for leak testing across several industries. As a manufacturer, we regularly meet market demands for various leak testing products, such as the Choke Leak Test System, Multiple Leak Test System, Rotary Leak Test System, ACS 30 Leak Tester Machine, ACS 60 Q Leak Tester Machine, and many others. Each of our products performs well and is praised in the market for simple operations and accurate results. A large number of companies from several industries rely on our products for their leak-testing requirements. In addition to supplying products, we help customers by providing reliable and accurate methods for identifying and resolving issues in their systems. As a professional service provider, we are trusted in the market to provide calibration services for leak-testing products.
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Application Industries

Our products find their use in various industries, below are the details:

  • Assembly: Head Valve Seat, Transmission, High Power Engines, Axles, Brake, Calliper, Fuel Pump, Strater Motor, Water Pump, etc.
  • Fuel parts: Fuel Injector, Fuel Rail, Blow Plug, Fuel Pipes, Fuel Filters, Fuel Strainers, Fuel Sensor Assembly, etc.
  • Heat Transfer: Heater Core, Oil Coolers, Al/Cu Radiators, Radiator Caps, Rubber Hose, Water Pipe, Bellows, etc.
  • Plastic Assemblies: Wind Shield Spray Can, Head Lamp, Tail Lamp, Bbrake Oil Can, Coolant Tank etc.
  • Casting Components: Machined & Un-machined Cylinder Head, Clutch Casing, Cylinder Block, Manifold, Pump Cover, Brake Housing, Transmission Casing, Cylinder Head Cover, etc.
PP, PE, LDPE, PET, HDPE, Poly Propylene, Empty Bottles, Ampoules, Form Fill Seal, Filled Bottles, MAP Packs, Induction Sealed, Blow Fill Seal, Spray Suction Pumps, Tin Containers, Blister Packs, and Lami Tubes.

Food & Packaging
PE, PET, PP, HDPE, LDPE, Empty Bottles, Poly Propylene, Form Fill Seal, Induction Sealed, Blow Fill Seal, Filled Bottles, Spray Suction Pumps, MAP Packs, Blister Packs, Lami Tubes, Spout Caps, Tin Containers, Spout packs, Waffer packs, Pouch packs, drums, etc.

Submersible Pumps, Water Pumps, Process Valves, Steam Iron, Wrist Watch Movements, Sealing Systems, Faucet Valves, Washing Machines, etc.

HVAC & Refrigeration
Condensors, Thermostats, Drain Hose, Evaporators, Compressors, etc

Urine Bags, Blood Bags, IV Cannula, PTCA Catheters, 3-Way Cork, Multi Lumen Catheters, etc.

RO filter Assembly, RO system assembly, Booster Pump, Tank Chambers, Dispenser Faucet, Valves, High Flow Filters, RO Filter Elements, NRV's, etc.


Application Study: We are expert at providing paid application services to determine:

  • Cycle time for a product
  • Leak / Flow rate specifications
  • The best suitable test methods

Calibration: We provide below calibration services:

  • Leak tester calibration
  • Flow sensor calibration
  • Master leak calibration
  • Needle valves calibration
  • Rotameters calibration

Maintenance Services:  With rich expertise in the industry, we provide maintenance services under preventive maintenance 4.0 for:

Bearing failures
Compressed gas line leakages
Leakage currents from the panel
Steam traps / process valve functional losses

Quality Assurance

At our company, we place a high emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of quality in our products and services. We follow a systematic approach that helps us deliver supreme quality products as per industry defined norms. Our company has appointed a quality control team, which supervises all the production and service work. The team guides production experts to have a reliable quality range of Rotary Leak Test System, Choke Leak Test System, Multiple Leak Test System, ACS 30 Leak Tester Machine, ACS 60 Q Leak Tester Machine, and many other products. We have a sound testing unit, where we check every developed product to ensure its perfection in all aspects.
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